What are the Transport Solutions for Dry Goods?

For industries that supply dry goods to prosper in the global marketplace, they have to work together with shipping and transportation companies. North America has a strong consumer society, and thus there’s high demand for dry goods shipping.

Trucks are daily on the highways transporting different products to consumers and producers. The type of vehicle used in shipping depends on the bulk of goods. When shipping goods, you should also consider the capability and quality of the carrier

What are Dry Goods?

The term often refers to commercial commodities that do not require specialized storage systems. It can also describe dry and solid food. Dry goods have limited shelf life that typically takes three years.

They, therefore, take placed in the category of consumer products and consumables. The following are trucking solutions for the transportation of dry goods:

  • Small & lightweight Vehicles

    These light trucks are suitable for transporting goods over short and local distances. They don’t have the structural capability of long-distance trucks, which makes them able to withstand unforeseen circumstances on the road. They are typically used minimal package loads from retail store-to-store.

  • Heavy Trucks

    Such vehicles offer greater structural stability in the transportation of goods. They have unique built-in properties that protect the cargo. Such properties include temperature control and even airtight environments. The features ensure that the goods remain in excellent condition.

  • Freight Transport

    For state-to-state transactions, freight trains are often the ideal. However, truck transport offers more security compared to this means of transportation. It is so because freight transportation hauls multiple loads, and is less flexible regarding the actual transit.

  • Cargo Vessels

    These are ships that typically carry large and various cargo. A significant portion of the international trade activity relies on the overseas transportation of cargo ships. They are ideal for shipping of non-consumables, and dried foods.