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Heavy Haul Expedited

Does your cargo require fast delivery? Look no further, we offer to transport your cargo in real time….

Heavy Haul Contracted

At Tenax Transport, we put attention to detail in our Heavy Haul Contracted services.

Full Truckload Shipping (FTL)

Yes, we offer Full Truckload Shipping services. Do you have a lot of loads that you need to transport across the region?

Refrigerated Shipping

Transportation of perishable goods can be a mind wrecking experience because the freshness…


If you do not have a massive load to transport, our LTL services will cover you…

Driven by Growth


Every day across North America, Tenax drivers traverse across borders to ensure delivery of your cargo in good time.....

our mission

Tenax Transport thrives upon one core conviction: “To be your trusted and accountable transport partner.” ...

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"Freight in Tenax.com."

Are you tired of empty promises? At Tenax Transport, we deliver to promise.......