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At Tenax Transport, we provide all our customers with reliable, safe, and, above all, personal freight shipping services across Canada and the USA. With well-developed logistics and transport facilities, we are one of the most reliable transport industries, offering all possible options such as food transport, refrigerated transport, logistics and storage, and many more.

You can request information about our shipping services by filling out the form on this page. One of our experts will give you the personal advice you need to get your product safely to your destination.

Tenax Transport is proud to provide efficient international logistics and transportation services to a wide range of companies throughout Canada and the USA. Our success is largely due to our experience, expertise, and abilities in providing personalized freight shipping services.



Our vision, mission, and values ​​govern all aspects of Tenax Transport’s daily operations, both onshore and offshore. Our vision for sustainability applies the same principles to fulfill our commitment to planning today and tomorrow.


Our vision

To become a leader in sustainable and innovative transport and logistics solutions across North America and to creating value for our customers and other stakeholders by becoming a sustainable shipping company.

We contribute to the sustainable development of the freight shipping sector as a serious and transparent group run by good operations.


Our mission

Tenax’s mission is to provide high-quality services based on flexibility and personality. We aim to provide customers with superior logistics services throughout North America, enhance their success and promote trade and development throughout the region.


Our values

Responsibility: At Tenax Transport, stakeholders are committed to improving themselves personally and striving for the best balance between cost competitiveness and economic, social, and environmental requirements.

Innovation: At Tenax Transport, we inspire each other, pursue new business and drive creativity in search of the best solutions.

Honesty: At Tenax Transport, we act ethically, live up to our promises, and treat people inside and outside the company with integrity and respect.

Respect: At Tenax Transport, we are aware of our limits and listen to the opinions of others. We strive to learn from other cultures, opinions, and skills to create value for all our stakeholders.



A team of professionals- As a global company, we have an excellent team of experienced freight forwarders who are skilled in delivering world-class transportation solutions across a wide range of products. Our team is supported by an extensive network of reliable and dependable carriers to ensure a steady flow of shipments.


Cost-effective shipping services- Our shipping service is cost-effective and ideal for bulky, heavy, or light-weight shipping. Our range of international shipping options means you can always handle what you need, regardless of size, weight, or shape. Our group services are a convenient and reliable way to further reduce shipping costs.


Fast and Secure Services- Our core expertise is to provide the best bespoke solutions. With our vast knowledge of customs clearance, we are confident that your shipment will reach your destination quickly and safely.


Real-time tracking– At Tenax Transport, our dedicated experts update your shipping status in real-time.

Tenax Transport understands each customer’s needs and expectations. Customers can choose between air freight, sea freight, express freight, or a combination of these (multimodal freight service). Our comprehensive freight forwarding and shipping services are suitable for companies of all sizes. This ensures that all products are treated correctly from start to finish.

Contact us now and request information about our shipping services. One of our experts will give you the personal advice you need to get your product safely to your destination.