Common Order Fulfillment Issues and How to Fix Them

common order fulfillment issues

Order fulfillment is the entire process of warehousing, packaging and delivering of the products to the end customer. The order fulfillment process can vary according to the type of business, inventory management, and supplier selection and is highly complex and need proper management and time.
Order fulfillment issues can be faced by anyone whether it is a small business or a mid-sized enterprise or well-established business.
Here are mentioned below some frequently occurring order fulfillment issues and their solutions:

Lack of Proper Inventory Management

With an in-house warehousing system, there might be chances of mismanagement and miscalculation of inventory items which makes it difficult to fulfill customers orders on time.
Solution: By outsourcing your fulfillment to third party companies, you can focus more on main fields of activity, and work more efficiently and productively. The warehouse management software that they have installed uses technology to track and maintain the record of data and ensures that your inventory is always up-to-date and well managed.

Inefficieny Pick-And-Pack Process

The picking and packing process is an important part of the order fulfillment process. Even if your inventory tracking system is up to date, sometimes you are unable to fulfill customers orders effectively. This can be a result of warehouse mismanagement which makes the picker unable to track the location of the right inventory at the right time.

Solution: Inventory control is not only about having goods in stock but about being aware of the product storage location category-wise. Ensure that the items your staff needs for orders are placed correctly around the workstation. Always place the items from receiving inventory in the same place to avoid wastage of time in searching for items.

Incorrect Labeling of Products

Your capacity to take orders is flexible because of the sufficient amount of products in your inventory. However, there might be some cases where the product is wrongly labeled which results in delivering the wrong product to the customer.
Solution: In a situation like this, a third-party warehousing and logistics company can provide you with order fulfillment services that help you manage your warehouse efficiently. Third-party logistics company uses highly advanced software to track the inventory items using the barcode system and also check for the products to ensure that the labeling and the product inside is the same.

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