Difference between Freight and Shipping

Freight and Shipping in transporting goods

Freight and Shipping are two interrelated terms in which you are paying someone to deliver what you have to send. But they are two different methods of transporting goods from one place to another where freight is something heavy or large that most carriers don’t handle. And shipping can refer to any size of whatever consignor want to send. When you want to know the difference between freight and shipping you ought to use freight or shipping for your products. Here are some pros and cons to each method.


Freight is used mainly for commercial purposes, to transport heavy or large quantity of goods. In which shipper has option to bundle multiple shipments together for transportation, so it reduces total cost in transportation and is also environmentally efficient. Modes of transport used for freight are freight trucks, railroad, and large ships carrying shipping containers. Freight is priced and classified by weight, transport method, size and route.


Shipping users are either a small retailer or private citizens, used for transport smaller quantity of goods. This type of transportation of goods is not often used for commercial purposes because it is both inefficient and expensive. Modes of transport generally used for shipping is through airways or trucks by land. Shipping is priced and classified by weight, goods value, size, transport method and assured delivery date.