If you have a load that needs to reach your destination within a specified amount of time, Tenax offers a wide range of service level options to suit your needs.

Our express shipping is ideal for daily deliveries to the US and Canada. Rest assured that Tenax will reliably deliver your goods, whether shipped in one, two, or three days.

And if your shipping needs are more specific, or even outside the US and Canada, our elite services will meet those needs. This premium service centralizes the point of contact for advanced customer service for single deliveries and merchandise of all sizes, from quote to delivery to invoicing.



Tenax has been a trusted world-class transportation provider for decades. This means that a dedicated customer representative is always at your disposal to ensure your shipment is processed the way you need it. We have our own comprehensive network of dedicated flights across the US and Canada, providing greater flexibility and reliability.

Choose Tenax for express shipping to access our network of the best transportation resources around the world. This provides the fastest and most efficient way to get packages when and where they need them. If your delivery needs aren’t at a particular time or day of the week, we offer several other shipping options you can trust as well, including PuroTouch. Our goal is to find the best delivery solution for your business. We are confident that we can always find a solution, no matter the load size, weight, planning needs, or budget.


Fastest overnight delivery

How can you achieve the everyday results your customers need? With an extensive network and dedicated distribution channels. We are not limited by any delivery system. This means that you can build custom solutions using some of the largest networks in the USA and Canada. From ground deliveries to ferry transportation to overnight ‘flying trucks’ to Canadian destinations, our extensive fleet is available 24 hours a day to meet your nightly needs.


2 and 3-day courier delivery options

With 2-day shipping becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder many companies are choosing our faster shipping option for both small and large deliveries. Customers and businesses that trust you need fast service. This is what our experience provides.

Throughout the expedited shipping process, you will have access to the dedicated staff who answer questions and take a proactive approach to manage your delivery solution.

Contact Tenax for more information about international express shipping. Whether you need it at night or in a couple of days, we have a network to get the job done.