Expedited Shipping Time, Cost, and Benefits

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One of the faster options eCommerce retailers can use to fasten up shipping to customers is expedited shipping methods. Learn more about this shipping option in our latest blog post.
If there’s is one thing that your customers expect from shipping service, it’s fast delivery. Some of the research has shown that nearly 41% of customers are willing to pay for same-day delivery, while 24% of customers say they will pay a premium to have their orders delivered within2 to 3 hours; however, only 50% retailer offers same-day delivery service. Everyone wants their order to reach them as soon as possible. Here comes the role of expedited shipping which plays a key role in the whole supply chain.

What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited shipping is a method of shipping freight that ensures goods arrive faster than regular delivery times. In expedited shipping, every possible source is used to make sure that the order delivered to its destination as fast as possible.
To fast-track the freight shipping, trucks carrying expedited goods rarely stop along the way. Expedited shipments move directly from the pickup center to the delivery point. Typically, trucking companies offering this fast shipping service will move shipments in a single truck with two drivers who work in shifts to reduce the transit time.

How fast is Expedited Shipping?

Let suppose if it would usually take 4-5 days to receive your shipment, anything less than that would be considered as expedited. However, while it depends on the company, the average expedited delivery time is between 2-3 days, saving a day or two when compared to the standard shipping method.

To help streamline delivery and ensure a speedy experience, we recommend shippers consider the following:

• Rates. Expedited shipping rates are higher than standard shipping rates. An online freight service provider can help ensure you are getting the most cost-effective rates for your shipment.
• Online Tracking. Make sure the carrier you use provides you shipment tracking facility also. This way, you can track your shipment easily and get ahead of any problems that may arise.
• Shipping Options. Understanding your shipping options is important. Will the shipment sit on one truck or two? Do you need a full truckload (FTL) or only partial truckload?

Proper preparation is needed and a 3PL company can help plan and execute the delivery in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Is Expedited Shipping better than the Standard delivery option?

If you need freight delivered within a short time period, then yes, expedited shipping is worth every penny you spent. Regardless of size, weight, and quantity, all shipments can be expedited when there is urgency involved.
Here are some examples of when expedited freight shipping is a better option than standard shipping:

• A medical facility in need of emergency tools and supplies.
• Manufacturing deadline that needed timely inventory restocking.
• When critical machinery breaks down at a mining facility, parts are required urgently to maintain operations.

The above scenarios are typical, but expedited services can be used whenever you have a need to express delivery.

What are the benefits of Expedited Shipping?

You’re not only guaranteed time, but also other things. It may include:
1. On-time delivery of your most important shipments
2. Careful calculations of departure and arrival times
3. Reliable pick-up services
4. Shipment tracking facility
5. Provide a better customer experience

Tenax Transport offer Expedited Freight Shipping

Tenax Transport expedited LTL shipping services to help you when you need freight to arrive, fast. Tenax Transport can offer LTL expedited freight quotes with regular quotes so you can easily compare costs. We can also service your expedited full truckload shipments. If you need a quote on your next expedited shipping order, reach out to us now.