With extensive experience in this area, Tenax provides all customers with an easy and affordable trucking solution across Canada and the USA. Our Full Truckload (FTL) service is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to help meet all your high-volume, high-capacity needs. Tenax attaches great importance to the details of loading and unloading FTL cargo, so Tenax ensures that your goods are delivered over long distances.

Full truck services are generally sought after by companies considering long-distance transport of large quantities of materials and heavy loads. With these services, the entire available space in the truck is allocated to one customer to ship the goods. Full trucking from Tenax allows customers to benefit from the best service at competitive prices.


Tenax’s FTL Logistics collects special equipment for transporting heavy goods and provides efficient delivery services. There are many benefits to using the Tenax FTL file transfer service. Experienced professionals can provide everything that will help you throughout the transaction. These include:

Bulk Freight: FTL shipping is ideal for shipping bulk items. In this way, you can save all free space exclusively for you and your company. Meanwhile, our team is aware of the permissions and permits required to move bulk cargo within a specified time frame.

Technical Assistance Services and Support: All GPS and non-GPS trucks have a dedicated “control tower” tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Apart from this, Tenax also offers dedicated customer service to help you handle customer inquiries all day long via SMS, email, and web-based alarm systems.

Industry-leading service accuracy: Use certified vehicles and drivers to ensure transportation safety. Expect a “zero damages and losses” policy from Tenax, early placement of trucks, shipping, and delivery.

Consistent transfer: Booking a dedicated location in the car eliminates the need for movement or repacking throughout the transfer process. From the source to the destination, packages are carried on the same truck without changing manpower or home.

Faster delivery: You can deliver goods to your destination in a time-efficient manner because you don’t have to change trucks throughout the delivery process. Our fast and reliable FTL logistics shipping is ideal for meeting very high shipping requirements such as the holiday season and seasonal rush.

Choice of full truck service delivery

We have experienced professional drivers having AZ’s license go through extensive training to learn how to deal with both basic and exceptional and critical situations such as protective driving, proper loading of luggage, and above all, delivery of the goods on time.

Let Tenax handle all your shipping needs, including moving goods to shipment via FTL. To build long-term relationships with our customers, we provide real-time tracking of all shipments to facilitate shipment tracking and keep you updated on urgent issues.

Tenax makes it completely easy for customers to ship their packages, ensuring timely delivery and complete security of their goods. We also have a very sensitive customer support team to answer your questions and questions. Contact Tenax now. Find out everything you need to know about FTL services.