Truckload Shipping in Canada and the US

Yes, we provide Full Truckload Shipping. Do you need to transport a large number of loads across the region? Are you unsure who to turn to for assistance? Tenax Transport’s truckload shipping service includes the transportation of large quantities of goods. A whole truck/trucks will be set aside solely to transport your goods to their proper destination.

Full truckload freight means that an entire container of your goods will travel to the destination point without being repacked, opened, moved, or tampered with in transit. Full truckload shipping indicates that you are shipping enough goods that a full trailer is required, or that your goods must ship directly.

Here are some of the reasons why full truckload shipping has always been our specialty.

  1. Quick Delivery Time 
  2. More Secure
  3. Cost-Sensitive 
  4. Zero to few chances of damage to goods
  1. Quick Delivery Time – This is one of the reasons businesses use FTL; because all the goods in a container belong to you, there is no stoppage of any kind and the delivery time is extremely short. 
  2. More Secure: Your goods will never leave their designated vehicle once they have been transported from point A to point B. As a result, your shipment is not subject to the needs of other shippers who may be sharing the vehicle.
  3. Cost-Sensitive: Full truckload freight is more efficient for large shipments and saves money over multiple small shipments.
  4.  Zero to few chances of damage to goods: When you choose Tenax for your goods, you can also avoid any potential damage from handling and transferring goods by choosing FTL and avoiding any kind of stop at a hub system.

These are the reasons why companies should choose full truckload shipping to simplify the shipping process.

Tenax’s Full Truck Load Freight Services Also Provides You With: 

Furthermore, all of our drivers hold an AZ driver’s license and go through a rigorous training program that covers everything from the fundamentals to more challenging scenarios, such as driving defensively, loading shipments properly, and, most importantly, delivering your goods on time. 

You can live a more relaxed life knowing that your valuable and fragile goods will arrive safely and on time. At Tenax Transports, a promise made is kept.

Our rates are customer-friendly and competitive in the Canadian and American transportation industries. We place a high value on your satisfaction. Contact us today for an instant quote and to begin shipping with us! We can be reached by phone at 519-260-2738 or by email at info@tenaxtransport.com.