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Pick and Pack Fulfillment

Pick and pack fulfillment is a process that involves a series of tasks such as picking a sold product, packing it, and then attaching a shipping label and invoice to the product. When all these tasks are done, your product is ready to be shipped to the customers. It is a vital part of the supply chain management process.
Either you can do all these tasks by yourself or you hire a pick and pack fulfillment service provider to do it for you. Using pick and pack fulfillment services allows you to ship items quicker and saves your time. The free up time can be utilized in doing some other administrative tasks. In this way, you can grow more business as well as provide a better shopping experience for the customers.

In this article, we will give you some guidelines which you must follow when evaluating pick and pack fulfillment providers that actually works for your business. When evaluating services, check these:

• Provided Services

The first important point which should be on the checklist is to see what all services they provide. At the minimal, they should provide basic pick, pack, and shipping services. After all, that is why you are using them. Make sure you explain to them your specific needs related to picking, pack, and shipping of orders. (Read 5 Ways to Optimize Your Pick and Pack Process)
If you ship internationally, you will need to check whether the providers take international orders or not.

• Shipping Guarantee

When checking different pick and packs service provider, see what type of shipping guarantee they offer you. Some promise to always do same-day delivery. Some vendors also even promise to pay for the package, if they ship any later than the expected delivery time.
Check the shipping services they provide, whether it is one day, two days, rushed, or expedited service. This is important from the customer’s point of view.

• Pricing Criteria

Pricing terms and conditions are important. Check and compare the pricing of different service providers as each provider could have its own pricing criteria.
Most pick and pack services decide their pricing terms based on the type of products, inventory storage, package size/weight, order handling, and shipping location.
Use resources like one provided by Amazon’s FBA, they provide a calculator by which you can calculate the costs of storing items.

• Shipping Information

See how they communicate and how they provide timely shipping confirmation information and tracking numbers to you and to your customers. This type of communication helps you manage your business effectively and also an important part of the customer shopping experience.

• Customer Reviews

Always check out the fulfillment provider’s customer reviews. Customers reviews can provide valuable insight into how well a fulfillment service works out in their favor. Before dealing with a bad fulfillment provider, make sure you know about their work experience very well.

• Service Support

Lastly, ask each service what service support they offer you if you choose them. Suppose you send the orders to the fulfillment center and then some problem occurs with an order, who can you call to handle it? You need to be ready to fix any issues quickly for the sake of your customer and your business reputation.
Make sure that service support is a priority of the pick and pack service you choose, not an option.

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