Reliable and Trustworthy heavy Haul shipping services in the USA and Canada

Tired of dealing with unreliable heavy haul carriers? Tenax provides a reliable solution for bulk freight and cross-border transportation throughout the USA and Canada. To achieve this, we set the highest safety standards while maintaining frequent contact and conversation with our customers to ensure reliable service at all stages.

Tenax is a heavy trucking company specializing in the transportation of oversized and overweight cargo throughout the USA and Canada. Stop dealing with unreliable carriers of heavy goods, and get professional transportation of heavy equipment and logistics services properly.



Most modern freight transport companies are trained to transport only container shipping and do not have the right experience to handle large and heavy goods. When transporting large and heavy packages, if the carrier does not have the right contacts and does not have experience with transporting heavy equipment, things can eventually go wrong. Tenax has a heavy, high-quality project department specially trained to handle all heavy equipment and project shipments.


Let’s see why to choose Tenax heavy haul shipping solutions:

Team of the knowledgeable carriers- Do not waste your time with an unreliable freight forwarder. At Tenax, knowledgeable agents are responsible for your logistics needs and are committed to a successful partnership. 

Reliable transport of heavy goods- From open-top trucks, cross-border transportation to logistics, our leading heavy trucks and lorries offer the results you need for any project. We have the experience and technology to meet deadlines effectively and efficiently.

Innovative heavy haul shipping technology- At Tenax, we strive to be up-to-date with the latest technologies on the market today. Advanced technology enables efficient transport of bulky cargo. This allows us to deliver innovative solutions that always exceed our customers’ expectations.

Personalized services- We attach great importance to heavy haul shipping requirements. We provide personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs.

Tenax is committed to you- We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers by offering the highest levels of customer service. To achieve this, we are ready to answer questions about moving large packages while building personal relationships with each client.

Problem-solving outlook- In the huge shipping industry, blockages occur for various reasons that no one can control. In such cases, we generally prioritize dealing with these obstacles honestly and sincerely rather than avoiding them. This allows you to quickly and efficiently solve complex problems that arise.


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With professional heavy-haul drivers across the USA and Canada, we have the experience of moving “oversized” and overweight equipment. Tenax is dedicated to providing you with professional and personalized service and guidance for all your heavy haul shipping needs.

With years of heavy haul shipping and transportation experience, we guarantee the safe transportation of your heavy equipment. Our skilled logistics team understands that it is important to get your shipment to where you need it on time and every time, and it is the main focus when shipping to you.

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