Canada Heavy Equipment Shipping – Heavy Haul Shipping

Tenax Transport takes pride in the quality of our Heavy Haul Trucking services. Tenax Transport transports all heavy construction equipment and machinery to Canada. We transport everything including construction equipment to large machinery to and from Canada. Because your freight will be traveling across borders, you will require a few items to ensure that your shipment is not delayed. The following are on the list:

● A Canada Commercial Invoice or Customs Invoice

● Bill of Lading

● Cargo Control Document or Manifest

● Shipper’s Export Declaration

Why you should opt for Tenax Transports to get the best services. 

  1. There is a reason why many freight carriers do not offer the option to heavy haul freight; it requires a more rugged chassis to handle that much load. Because the truckers won’t be able to find that equipment and will have to purchase it themselves, and for some of them it really gets difficult to make that investment. The majority of truckers refuse to heavy haul freight because no one wants to be responsible for its safety and maintenance. That’s where Tenax Transports comes in, saving you time and money by locating the best service for your specific needs.
  2. Another important consideration when using Heavy Haul Shipping is selecting the appropriate shipping container, which is determined by the size and quantity of the goods, hence it is important to know your dimensions. You don’t have to worry about anything with Tenax Transports because we take care of everything for you.
  3. By responding to all of our customers’ questions, we provide complete transparency to them. Before you sign a contract with your Heavy Haul trucking company, double-check the following details:

    • What kind of services do they provide?
    • Load Capacity
    • What types of insurance coverages do they provide?
    • What shipping options do you have?
    • Fees for shipping and other charges.

  4. Working with Tenax Transports allows you to expand your business in a variety of ways. To provide you with a cost-effective logistic solution, we have highly skilled employees in managing heavy load and large load transactions. We ship throughout the city, state, and across the country.
  5. Because we have the best GPS tracking tools for tracking your shipments, Tenax Transports will provide you with a stress-free life. When a haul truck exceeds the predetermined speed settings, our GPS features send us email alerts. When your shipment enters a new region, it will notify you.

There’s no denying that long-haul shipping is a difficult beast to master. Because no matter what type of shipping you do, something is bound to be overlooked now and then, and when those issues arise, you must be able to react quickly. You should inquire with your shipping company about whether the truck needs to be rerouted, as well as any other issues that may arise.

Tenax Transport handles every step of the process when transporting equipment from Canada to the United States or from the United States to Canada. We put together the paperwork, obtain the necessary permits, and hire the best driver available to transport equipment from Canada to the United States.

Is it a large transformer or a turbine engine that you want to transport? So, we’re here to make sure your load arrives on time and in good condition. Tenax Transport can provide you with free transportation estimates.