Flexible, reliable, and safe service of high quality

Ocean shipping is one of the key elements in strong global supply chain management. As one of the leading companies across the USA and Canada, we provide efficient Ocean shipping solutions adapted to our customers’ needs. Transit time is guaranteed on all major global routes, from total container load (FCL) to less than container load (LCL).

Tenax Logistics leverages our strong and long-term relationship with airlines to deliver flexible, reliable, and secure Ocean freight solutions. Customers appreciate our expertise in Ocean freight across North America. They appreciate being able to connect with other services such as air freight, multimodal freight, cross-border services, and customs mediation.

Tenax is a highly regarded international freight and container shipping company between Canada and the United States with timely delivery, knowledgeable services, and dynamic shipping options. To do this, Tenax offers a wide range of ocean freight options, including specialized containers, fast service, premium handling, and packaging.



TENAX provides maritime transport that can handle a wide range of goods, such as FCL and LCL. Our logistics professionals use our network of maritime transport providers to offer you the best options, regardless of freight size, weight, or distance.



Unlike other sea freight companies, Tenax is not affiliated with a single sea freight provider. This allows you to use your entire network to serve your customers. This provides more delivery options and a more personalized solution to suit your needs.

We Manage better

Tenax takes pride in being a leading ocean freight solution provider, constantly monitoring service standards and minimizing freight storage times at all hubs in the region. As one of the most reliable Ocean shipping companies in the USA and Canada, we manage all logistics procedures related to your ocean import and export. We guarantee packaging and are responsible for reliable shipping.

Our comprehensive Ocean shipping services include faster emergency shipments, large volume shipments management, and integrated intermodal transport solutions.

Pioneer in integration

With consolidation as its core competency, it covers the global network and delivers unrivaled services that integrate directly to multiple destinations across the USA and Canada. Our comprehensive Freight Systems allows you to add value to your customers by offering them quality service at competitive prices.

See that the TENAXs can meet the needs of sea freight transport. Contact us and consult an ocean freight expert to find out all the options and receive a free quote.