Oversize Load Limitation in Ontario Canada

Oversize Load Limitation in Ontario Canada

In road transport, an oversized or overweight load is a load that exceeds the standard legal dimensions or weight limits. The legal size and weight limits may vary between countries and regions within a country. Here we will talk about normal limits permitted in Ontario, Canada.

A vehicle which exceeds the legal size and weight usually requires a special permit which requires extra fees to be paid in order to travel legally on the roads. The permit usually specifies a route for the vehicle which must be followed on specific mentioned date and timings during which vehicle may travel.

Dimension and Weight Limitation in Ontario

The province of Ontario issues permits for oversize vehicles when the dimension or weight of the vehicle exceeds the normal limits set out in the Highway Traffic Act. The following is a breakdown of the dimensions and weight limitations.

Maximum Width: Vehicle including load – 2.6 m

  1. Road service vehicle as defined in part X of the Highway Traffic Act and such vehicles while they are traveling to and from a repair center or maintenance site – no specified limit
  2. Raw forest products – 2.8 m
  3. Loose Fodder – no specified limit

Maximum Height: Vehicle including load – 4.15 m

Maximum Length: Single vehicle with load – 12.5 m

  1. A fire apparatus
  2. An articulated bus
  3. A semi-trailer
  4. Semi-trailer including load – 16.15 m (SPIF) and 14.65 m (NON-SPIF)
    SPIF – Safe, Productive, Infrastructure Friendly

Maximum Length (Combination): Combination of load and vehicle – 23 m

Maximum Weight:
Maximum weight standard is determined using axle configurations and spacings. An overweight permit is required if the axle or gross weight of the vehicle exceeds the legal limits set out in the Highway Traffic Act. You can check e-Laws for Highway Traffic Act Regulation 413/05 – Vehicle Weights and Dimensions – for safe, productive, and infrastructure friendly vehicles

Implements of Husbandry:
Oversize farm equipment and machinery, farm tractors, self-propelled implements of husbandry (SPIH) placed on a plated motor vehicle or plated trailer attached to a motor vehicle are subject to the need for an oversize permit.