Reason Behind Spending too much on Delivery Costs

1. Planning and management
Still using pen and paper or spreadsheets in your day-to-day workflow? Using email and phone to communicate with logistics providers and customers is time-consuming and costly. Start using advance delivery management software to assist you in these tasks. Digital logistics solutions take the effort out of planning and management, significantly influencing your ability to harness the other costs.

2. Shipment handling
Paperwork and cargo handling activities at your warehouse or on your shop floor probably represent a significant cost. However, with smart delivery management software in place – supported by techniques and technologies for identifying goods and packaging – a significant portion of your preparation processes can be automated.

3. On-hand inventory
Too much on-hand inventory requires huge storage space and thus increases your storage costs. Keeping track of inventory levels and analytics using next-generation warehouse management software is the best way to prevent overstocking. You should be able to make quick, strategic decisions about how much inventory to have on hand at any given time. As a result, you will reduce inventory cost.

4. Waste
How much of your cargo is either damaged or for various reasons returned? Another factor eating into your bottom line. Track and trace the cargo will fix this issue. In one real-world business case, cargo valued at 10% of a supplier’s revenue kept being returned on a regular basis. By properly managing the delivery process, this waste was eliminated.