Refrigerated Shipping – Temperature Controlled Transportation Services

Transporting perishable goods can be a terrifying experience because the products’ freshness and timeliness are critical. Tenax Transport understands this and keeps it in mind when transporting your climate-controlled cargo. Is it frozen seafood, fresh organic produce, or something else? Worry not, we have special trucks equipped with sophisticated refrigerated systems to transport chilled products.

Our services are not limited to short distances, but we also cover long-distance transportation. We don’t practice en-route transfers and thus ensure that there are no temperature interruptions to the cargo.

If your business deals in chilled, fresh, or frozen goods like fruits and vegetables, it goes without saying that you’ll need a refrigerated truck to transport your products safely across the country. Tenax is committed to providing refrigerated transportation that meets the temperature requirements of the products being shipped.

Your products are highly valued at Tenax, and they are safe with us. We specialize in delivering time-sensitive goods on your schedule, which can range from perishable goods to frozen pizzas. Tenax also offers truckload and dedicated service that is heated, frozen, chilled, or ambient.  We’ve been handling refrigerated transport with the same level of confidence for over 10 years.

Tenax goes above and beyond to ensure that the products meet the shipping requirements of appropriate temperature. You will receive the following benefits when you work with us:

Effective Packing 

If you are in the market for a while, you should know that Controlling the temperature and protecting the shipments is based on two major components. Density and the packing of the cargo, along with the temperature controls. With Effecting Packing as part of our service, you get complete protection for every shipment.

We Keep it Fresh 

Customers have been demanding healthy, fresh foods delivered quickly since the rise of the digital market, and at Tenax, your expectations are met. People nowadays expect a customer-centric experience, and keeping things fresh doesn’t just apply to food; medicines must be delivered on time, and our refrigerated shipping handles them with extreme caution.

Short and Long Term Storage

Refrigerated shipping is always a wise and adaptable choice. Whether you need storage for your store during the busy holiday season or you can hire cold storage until your needs are met, we can help.


Tenax Transports offers a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs. You can get a refrigerated container that is good for both your wallet and your food storage needs. According to your needs, we can offer the best available container for your refrigerated shipping. 

Why Is Tenax Transports your trusted partner? 

Tenax Transports is always focused on meeting your needs; our skilled team ensures that your goods arrive in perfect condition, exactly as you ordered. With the increased demand for perishable goods, we ensure that temperature-controlled transportation gets perishable goods from point A to point B faster and more efficiently than other modes of transportation.

We have a highly skilled team of individuals who work around the clock to figure out what is best for you. Tenax Transports has put in efforts to hire and train the best employees in the industry. We take safety very seriously and keep a close eye on our fleet from the time the shipment is picked up until it is delivered. 

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