Registered Exporter System –Explains


Which means of REX system under exports. What is Registered Exporter System (REX)?

The REX system (Registered Exporter System) will powerfully and thoroughly replace the arrangement of origin certification dependent on certificates of starting point issued by governmental authorities and on receipt presentations made out under specific conditions by financial administrators. This suggests likewise that the REX system will be used between GSP beneficiary countries applying common cumulation. The overall advancement time span from the current game plan of source accreditation to the REX system will start on 1 January 2017 and will go on until 30th June 2020 at the latest.

Enrolled Exporter System (REX) being presented from 1.1.2017, exporters with a REX number will actually want to self-affirm the Statement on Origin of their merchandise being imort to EU under the GSP Scheme. The enlistment on REX is with no expense or charges and this system would ultimately eliminate the current arrangement of issuance of Certificates of Origin (Form-A) by the Competent Authorities recorded in Appendix-2C of FTP (2015-20) by 1.1.2018 (one year progress period). The subtleties of the plan are at Annex 1 to Appendix 2C of the Foreign Trade Policy (2015-20).


The Registered Exporter System (REX) is a composite system identifying with both enlistment of exporters and any remaining perspectives identified with the self-affirmation of the guidelines of beginning under the EU GSP. The standards of the REX system are set down in European Commission’s Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2015/2447 [the Union Customs Code (UCC) Implementing Act(IA)].

The EU has been constantly attempted changes of its GSP rules of beginning. One such change finished in 2011 identifies with the self-certificate of the principles of beginning rules by exporters themselves. The reason for this change is to work with exchange and diminish regulatory weight and expenses for exporters. The skilled specialists would approach the Registered Exporter (REX) system for enlistment of exporters just as admittance to significant data. The enlistment of exporters in the system won’t need any charges. An exporter will be enrolled in the system, REX system will be normal to the GSP plans of the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.