Safety Tips For Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul trucking demands careful execution and planning in order to ensure the safety of both equipment and people. Here we mentioned safety hauling tips that will help you to move your load safely:

• Check the route carefully and prepare in advance
• Choose the proper trailer in accordance with specific load requirements.
• The load should be distributed evenly on the trailer before it leaves for the shipment.
• Hire drivers who are properly trained and experienced in hauling heavy equipment.
• Make sure drivers can operate the equipment they are hauling.
• Allow sufficient time to obtain all permits that are required
• Collect all the required permits.
• Make sure you read about state regulations of each state through which the load will travel.
• The stress on the trailer should be kept a minimum.
• In rainy season reduce your speed by one-third, and by one-half in case of snowfall.

Tenax Transport provides expert transportation service for oversized loads. We ensure that we have all the necessary permits and the right equipment to carry out a smooth flow of the delivery by following proper safety measures.
Whether it is a transportation of a large transformer or a turbine engine, we are here to ensure that your load reaches its destination in right time and condition.