Some Common Shipping Mistakes You Need To Avoid

some common shipping mistake

The various business needs shipping service for its everyday operation, therefore proper implementation is necessary to avoid any shipping mistakes. It is important to have a look at the following mistakes which you might be doing in the shipping process which in turn can costs you a big amount.

Some common shipping mistakes that you need to avoid are:

1. Improper packaging of goods.

Improperly packaged freight can possibly increase the chances of shipment getting damage while in transit. Consult with a packaging expert to learn ways of efficient packaging and cut unnecessary costs due to damage freight.

2. Imprecise shipment weight.

Some companies may not have the proper weighing equipment to check the weight of the cargo, which leads to approximate weights. Carriers have certified scales at their terminals and will check the weight of the arriving shipments and tack on a fee to the bill if the original estimate is imprecise. Re-weighing fees add up quickly, so purchasing a proper scale from the start saves your lot of money.

3. Inaccurate freight class.

Businesses often look for ways to ship freight at the lowest class possible, because lower classes mean less cost. Carriers will most likely catch incorrect class designations, which results in a re-classification fee. Freight class is a major key factor in how carriers determine their charges, so they spend a lot of time and effort on re-classing freight to ensure they are getting paid accordingly.

4. Shipment services.

Shippers must understand the consignee’s capability to receive shipment. For instance, if the consignee doesn’t have a lift gate when the cargo requires one, the shipment could be brought back to the carrier’s terminal. The carrier will provide a lift gate and add a charge for redelivery to the invoice. Knowing where your freight is going, and assigning the proper services to your shipment in advance, are important factors in maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

5. Depending on a single carrier for all shipments.

Depending on a single carrier to handle all your shipping can cost you big time. If the carrier experiences a strike or shuts down its facilities, you can find yourself in a serious problem. It is a good business practice to have contacts with several carriers in order to enjoy competitive rates and flexible operations.

6. Delivery receipt.

The main step the consignees should follow before signing the delivery receipt is inspecting all the freight they receive and note down any difference or errors in it. If the damage is excluded in the delivery receipt, it will be difficult to recover any costs when filing for freight damage.

7. Incorrect address.

This is one of the most common shipping mistakes. If shippers don’t take time to check the destination address on the bill of lading, freight could wind up at the wrong location. Even one wrong number in the ZIP code can result in a time-consuming effort to track down a shipment.

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