Tenax Transport Has Successfully Installed SpeedGauge To Ensure Fleet Safety

Tenax Transport Installed speedgauge in trucks

“The best drivers are aware that they must be beware”

We are excited to announce that Tenax Transport has introduced SpeedGauge to ensure the safety of drivers and to improve safety ratings of the vehicle. With the help of SpeedGauge, fleets have access to many features, such as tracking, managing speed trends, and driver behavior.


SpeedGauge is a simple-to-utilize speed observation tool. It gives a rundown of speeding occasions for each vehicle in your fleet. It includes summary reports showing each vehicle’s relative speeding performance. Each occasion is displayed with a location(address), actual speed, and the speed limit and this can be viewed separately or in an individual group.

SpeedGauge takes care of the performance and safety of the drivers as it is the ideal solution for controlling speed. It’s easy to use, reduces liability, improves safety rating, and can help save a fair share of the money.

SpeedGauge is structured in such a way that it has a large impact on performance and safety as speeding it shows when and where drivers are speeding.

Significant features of SpeedGauge incorporates:

1. Fleet Speeding over time shown by Charts
2. Improves Driver Performance
3. Easy-to-read Speed Incident Map
4. Speed Alerts are Automatically Delivered by Email
5. List of Incident with speeding location, actual speed, and Speed Limit
6. Summary reports that can help in comparing the speed of individual vehicles and drivers

Driver behaviors and overall cost of operations are monitored by the SpeedGauge Safety Center, with reports conveyed for hundreds of thousands of vehicles consistently. The Safety Center improves existing GPS checking capacities while guaranteeing responsibility and straightforwardness for drivers and armada supervisors.

In addition to the Safety Center, SpeedGauge’s adaptable analytics solution and consulting practice give a unique sight into the fleet performance and best practices direction for activities and human resources.

Tenax Transport

Our job as a team is to get our driving staff home safely each day and now with the introduction of speed gauge in Tenax Transport, we are now fully aware of our driver’s speed and they are more aware of the speeding limits thus this maximize our fleet safety commitment towards our staff as well as our clients.

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