Tips To Save On Your LTL Shipments

Basically, the whole concept of LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping is to save money and only pay for the space you use instead of paying for the whole truck. The transit will take a long time, but it will be much cheaper than moving a smaller load as a truckload.
The following tips will help you save on your next LTL shipping:

• Proper Packaging
Customers are always concerned with the condition of the shipment when it arrives at its destination. To avoid damages; it is important to package the load correctly. To protect the integrity of the pallet and the freight; it is advisable to shrink wrap them together.
Ensure that you add visible labels to the packaging of fragile shipments. Try and maximize the space on the pallet. If it takes some extra space, you may have to pay an additional fee.

• Choice of Carrier
Find a carrier that meets your specific needs and offers quality service. You also have to take into consideration the distance for delivery. At Tenax Transport, we provide both national and regional distribution services.

• Freight Classification
You also have to understand the classifications of freight. These classifications mainly depend on density, handling, liability, etc. of the shipment. Understanding the freight class helps you to determine the charges for different commodities.

• Consolidate Orders
You can combine different small LTL shipments into a large one. You will save money by consolidating the shipments into one. To make combining of orders effective, you first have to understand the delivery times of the requests, if they are heading in the same direction.

• Understand your Shipment
Don’t use an estimate for the size or weight of your shipment. If it turns out to be wrong, you will be charged an administration fee, to correct. Also, you need to ensure that the correct and exact description is noted on the bill of lading.

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