Transloading and its advantages

transloading and its advantages

What is transloading?

Transloading is a logistics procedure in which the transport of goods requires more than one mode of transport. It’s mainly used where one mode of transport (either land, sea or air) isn’t enough to deliver the goods from the origin to the destination point. International shipment is a big example of transloading, which involves multiple modes of transport, for instance, a truck, followed by an airplane for delivering overseas, and then again followed by a truck.
Unlike cross-docking, the transloading process requires storage space such as warehouses or rail yards, to transfer goods from one mode of shipment to another. In the storage facility, the goods are palletized and sorted in preparation for loading onto the other carrier.

Advantages of transloading are:

With transloading, you can arrange and sort the shipments before delivering it to the warehouse or distribution center. This eliminates unnecessary and costly land transportation.

The grouping of goods is done at arrival; hence it eliminates the need for a distribution center. Therefore goods are shipped directly to their final destination instead of a distribution center, saving time and money.

Furthermore, transloading helps to save costs as you have your own full truckload (FTL), which eliminates LTL costs. There’s also the benefit of speedier delivery to endpoint because many LTL shippers unload in the order they load the shipment.

Transloading helps you reach different areas by using different shipment modes, both internationally and locally, hence increasing possibilities for business growth.

The logistics of moving freight is a complex process, especially if you are the one responsible for handling all the operations and setting up with multiple carriers or multiple modes of transportation. When using a transloading service, choose a well-experienced logistics company such as Tenaxx Logistics. Our experts in transloading are able to help you by handling the details of the operation and assist you with all your export/import of goods.

When using a transloading company, such as Tenaxx Logistics, all of those logistics are handled for you. We also provide Transportation Management Services. Whether you need distribution or fulfillment, defined freight forwarding, or a complete supply chain solution, we are here. Feel free to contact us and see how we can help fulfill your business requirements.

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