Types of Truck Freight

Types of Truck Freight

Dry Van Freight

Dry van trailers are enclosed trailers with a flat deck. This is the most common type of trailer used for freight transportation. The box covers the load from the harmful elements of the environment and helps to protect the load.

Refrigerated (Reefer) Freight

Refrigerated freight use for the shipment of temperature-sensitive goods such as foodstuff, medicines, or chemicals. Refrigerated trailers contain large capacity climate control unit fitted on the front of the trailer. The trailers can be divided into parts for zoned temperature control.

Oversized Freight

Oversized freight contains load which exceeds the standard legal weight limits for a particular route. The rules and regulations can vary from one state to another. In addition to that, bridges and roadways also have limitations that should be known. For additional safety, the truck is accompanied by one or more pilot cars.

Flatbed Freight

Flatbed freight is the most popular freight type and commonly used because of its versatile nature. Flatbed loads need to be protected by the driver and are open to the surrounding. Flatbeds, due to their open nature, allow certain loads, such as large generators, to be loaded with greater speed and safety since a crane can be used rather than a forklift. Typically, the freight is load on the tip, sides, and rear of flatbed freight.

Lowboy Freight

Lowboy loads are similar to flatbed loads. Lowboy trailers consist of lower deck height due to which the total height of the load gets lower to avoid falling into oversized load restrictions. These are used to haul heavy equipment and machinery.