What are the Shipping Procedures?

Shipping Procedures

The transport system in Canada provides a wide range of services for both small scale and large scale customers who are situated in and around the North American region. The procedures associated with the shipping of goods using the Tenax Transport company work towards ensuring accountability when handling customer products. The following stages highlight the critical steps occurring during the transport of products.

Step 1 Making Contact
The first action towards establishing the measures for a shipping company such as the Tenax Transport relies heavily on the communication channels. The customer at hand may contact the company through its social media platforms or either presenting themselves at the company premises in Ontario to seek assistance.

Step 2 Assessing the Merchandise
The second phase comes immediately after the staff of the transport company has met up with the client and decide upon the shipping option the customer desires. Moreover, the company through its representative’s assess the customer’s goods and confirm the shipping truck will serve the needs as per the customer desires.

Step 3 Delivery of Goods
The third stage ensures that the customer receives their goods on time and in the perfect condition for use. In this step, the driver chooses a route that will save time and at the same time prevents any risks of theft or natural disasters from occurring. The tracking system used by truck drivers come on hand at this time as the driver can see the distance covered while the company monitors the movement of the truck.

Step 4 Finalizing the shipping process
The arrival of the goods and their assessment for their condition at their final destination marks the final stage of the shipping process. Payment for the whole service get underway and depending on the agreement between the company and the customer, transaction either happens after the arrival of goods or at the onset of the activities.

When looking for transportation solutions for your products, make sure to find a trusted trucking company such as Tenax Transport that can deliver your goods safely to their destinations.