What is Expedited Shipping?

Expedited Shipping in Transport industry

Expedited Shipping – What it really is ?

Expedited shipping is the another shipping method of sending a parcel at a faster rate than would normally be customary. It is used by number of companies and businesses daily all around the world. Expedited Shipping is much more than small package delivery service. It is a unique niche within the trucking and transportation industry that use a variety of equipment to deliver goods that are needed immediately. It is a time crucial form of shipping where the time is the main constraint for goods, or parts that need to be delivered fast. This can involve door-to-door, port to door, or container port-to-port shipping. It often involves freight shipments or a manufacturer’s products that one of their customers’ needs urgently. An urgent instance might be from a manufacturer whose production line is about to run out of product or parts that are critical to preventing a production line shutdown. Another example where it is used frequently would be the transport of perishable or high value goods. The type of shipment that is vital they reach the customer marketplace or retail chain locations quickly.

Type of Equipment used for Expedited Shipping and Time-Critical Shipments

It may involve a move cross-country that requires a flatbed, dry van, or refrigerated truck/trailer. Cross-country long haul expedited transport almost always requires a team of two drivers that drive in shifts, round the clock in order to meet delivery deadlines.

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