What is Flexitank ?

Flexitank in transportation

Flexitank is a bulk liquid storage unit, made of multiple layers of polyethylene with an outer coating of woven polypropylene. Flexitank is used for transportation of any non-hazardous liquids by simply placing them in a 20foot standard container, it basically converts sea or railway container to a safer and cost-effective alternative for shippers. Flexitank transforms a dry good container into a liquid carrier. Flexitanks are commonly preferred for food-grade products like fruit concentrates, wines, alcohol, edible oil, latex, glycerin, egg products, water, bio-diesel, pharmaceuticals or non-hazardous chemical transportation with higher protection level against contamination. They are more cost-effective than an IOS tank and at the same time, they are they are fulfilling the similar requirement of the ISO tanks.

Benefits of using Flexitanks

  • Reduces the cost of transportation and are cheaper than tank carriers.
  • Low manpower for handling, filling, and loading.
  • Faster loading compared to ISO tanks.
  • Available in distant areas.
  • Environmentally sustainable and recyclable.
  • Protection against contamination.
  • Maximum payload due to lightweight.
  • Reduces product loss.
  • Zero cleaning and disposal cost.
  • No requirement for intermediate bulk storages.