What is Inbound Freight Management and its Benefits?

inbound freight management

Inbound freight management is the process of managing and monitoring the activities involved in inbound shipments that come from suppliers or merchants. Inbound logistics refers to the transportation, storage, and delivery of goods coming into a business. Whether your company involves in the shipment of important inventory, or in retailing accepting inbound shipments of products to fulfill own stock, or in manufacturing receiving raw materials for production, inbound freight plays a big role in all these logistics functions, hence time to time improvement and proper management is needed for effective inbound freight process.

How to make Improvements in Inbound Freight Management?

The transportation accounts for around 50% costs of the average company’s logistics operations costs. In order to track shipment status and to create better inventory management the companies handling the import business should gain control of transportation. The optimizing process of inbound freight starts with gaining control of certain things such as internal operational changes to improve inbound freight management.
The use of the Transportation management system(TMS) is directly linked to control of successful inventory movement. Using the TMS, companies can increase their supply chain visibility, as they have access to all the real-time data that can be shared through internal and external sources. With the information gathered from real-time data, a company can identify weaknesses in its inbound freight management such as trouble with the receiving process, can have an idea about the unproductive labor and the lack of notices to interruptions. The supply chain provides better opportunities for a solution that provide better results such as a solution to typical area problems such as scheduling and shipment consolidation and lead time.

Benefits of Inbound Freight Management

There are so many benefits of outsourcing your inbound freight tasks to a trusted logistics company such as Tenax Transport including increase productivity, profitability, and cost and time-saving. With proper inbound freight management, you can get all these benefits:

• Improvement in shipment delivery time
• Less handling and damage and on-time delivery
• Increased customer trust and satisfaction
• Improve inventory management, reduced extra inventory carrying costs
• Timely updates in case of any disruptions

Inbound Freight with Tenax Transport

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