Why LTL Shipping is Right for your Freight


LTL shipping

Less-than-truckload shipping or Less than Load commonly referred to as LTL. LTL shipping is used for the transportation of small freight or when weight doesn’t require the use of an entire truck, generally small shipments. Parcel carriers or LTL carriers are the alternatives to LTL shipping.
Products are moved from point to point by different modes of transport: truck, water, rail, air. LTL carriers specialize in optimizing their leads; moving more good for multiple shippers in an efficient manner. Individual packages in an LTL load are often wrapped together to create one big box.

How LTL shipping would benefit you.

In LTL shipping, the shippers only pay for the volume their shipment occupies in the trailer, which is shared with other shipments with low-volume shipments. Shipments are not highly fragile to environmental surroundings, and also are not time-sensitive. But if you are shipping a shipment that weighs under 150 pounds, consider parcel shipping instead. LTL offers shippers reduced costs than FTL and increases its cost-efficiency.

When selecting to ship a truckload or less than truckload you need to consider things such as the size of your shipment, your shipping budget, how far it needs to be delivered, how good of handling your product required.

1. Size: In LTL you are only required to pay for space your LTL shipment occupies in the truck, your LTL shipping cost is dependent on how big your shipment is and how heavy it is.

2. Distance: In LTL shipment or in any shipment method, the further distance, the higher the cost of sending a shipment.

3. Shipment Type: Some shipment requires more handling than others, some are more fragile so it needs proper handling to make sure everything stays intact.

Here are some benefits for using LTL instead of other shipping methods depending on your shipping requirements:

1. Low Costs: While shipping LTL, shippers only have to pay for space their shipment occupies within the truck. So generally if you have to send small shipments, LTL is the way to go for you, Unlike FTL where you would have to pay for full truck’s price. This also increases the cost-efficiency.

2. More Security: LTL shipping provides more security, as the shipments are required to be packaged onto pallets before they are loaded onto the truck. This ensures more security as palletized shipments are more fragile and need to be protected.

3. Additional services: Another major benefit of LTL shipping is that most of the LTL shipping providers also offer additional services like pickup and delivery to facilitate the LTL shipping process.

4. Liftgates Availability: Liftgates are the platforms that are attached to the back of the trailer truck, used to raise and lower shipments for easy loading and unloading.

If you are considering sending shipments over 150 pounds, consider LTL.

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