Why Use Cross Docking?

when to use cross docking services

What is Cross Docking?

Cross-docking is a part of supply chain management that enables a company to transfer goods from one transporting vehicle to another without the need for mid storage of goods in the warehouse. The process carries out at a cross-docking warehouse, though the products will only be stored for a short period of time – or storage may be skipped altogether. Products are received at one end of the cross-docking warehouse called the inbound dock and transferred to the outbound dock. These materials are screened and arranged according to their destinations and carried to the outbound dock.

Products suitable for cross-docking

You can cross-dock various kinds of goods. The items which are best suited for cross-docking are

• High-quality items that do not require examination during goods receipt
• Perishable items
• Staples and groceries with fixed demand
• Already packaged products from another production unit

Cross-docking is a highly effective way of saving money, time, and warehouse storage space. Logistics has become faster with the use of cross-docking services.

Why use Cross-Docking?

• When several smaller items need to be combined and pack before delivery to the end-user, cross-docking is really helpful. You can save significant cost on transportation.

• All the shipment gathered at a cross-dock facility and then sorting of similar items together takes place before delivery to their end destinations.

• Large product loads are divided into smaller units for easier and fast delivery to customers.

• A Lesser need for warehouse space for storage reduces operational cost which ultimately saves time and space.

• With cross-docking, the products are screened and arranged more efficiently. Usually, with the help of automation, the entire process is streamlined that contributes to faster dispatch and shipping of parcels to the end customer.

• Inventory management is a complex task when one has to handle every single inventory that comes in and goes out of a warehouse. With cross-docking, the cost and time of handling inventory reduced up to a great extent.

Tenaxx Logistics for Cross Docking Services

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